Cowtown Outlaws, Project Hope International

The Coach

Enhancing Youth Development Through Sports

Cowtown Outlaws Baseball Team

James Perez has a successful coaching career and a great track record of developing players to become high level high school players!  For the last 19 years James Perez has been a volunteer baseball coach to youths ages 4 – 18. Of the 19 years he has coached; 9 have been with the Cowtown Outlaws.

The Cowtown Outlaws mission is to be a positive influence in young lives to build strong men of character. Our youths learn life skills like, cooperate with others, work together for a common goal, respond appropriately to victory and defeat, and grow in virtues like courage, respect one another, have patience, humility and perseverance. Other baseball players, coaches of teams are turning to the Cowtown Outlaws to help develop the skill sets and mind set of great team work. Baseball for team building increases inter-personal skills such as dealing with different personalities, patience, displaying honest character, conflict management, giving positive support, and time management. Our young youths will learn team building, on and off the baseball field. These are all skill sets that build men of great character.

There’s an adage of ‘perfect practice makes perfect performance’.

This applies to baseball and the business world. The Cowtown Outlaws is more than just a baseball team; we are teaching and practicing all that we can about real life and grooming these young youths for a better tomorrow.