Our Projects

Strengthening at-risk youth through music, sports, mentoring and the arts.

Music lessons is power food for the brain.

Music Lessons

Our volunteers teach piano and acoustic guitar twice a week to youth living in low income and at risk communities.  Learning to play an instrument boosts brain power and builds confidence and teaches patience.  Music also allows youth to express themselves and to bond emotionally and intellectually with others.

Passion for Action

Our volunteers pay it forward in so many ways!  We inspire youth through our English as a second language, art, music, and baseball programs.  Our special projects with community churches include  volunteering at their clothing shops, food pantry's, food drives in at risk communities in Ward 7 and 8 in Anacostia in Washington, DC.

English Lessons

Part of our German American Partnership Program, GAPP volunteers involves teaching English as a second language.  Year-round, we provide free English classes to children and their families living in low-income and at risk communities.

Angela Torres

Angela is passionate about volunteering

Without fail, Angela takes time out of her busy schedule to volunteer at our creative music & arts summer programs in Fort Worth, Texas.  She has been a PHI program assistant since 2014.  Prior to volunteering at PHI, Angela taught children ages 4-10.

DeLinda's dedication to reach our youth is invaluable

Delinda is responsible for creating the lessons and projects for our year-round programs & projects.  This includes; sports, reading, art, music, song writing, singing and playing educational games.  Creating positive change in the lives of our youth is her passion.

DeLinda Perez

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